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Free Foundations Class!

30 min Intro Class

- Mini version of our Signature Haute Barre format

- Experience the Infrared heat

- Level up your fitness routine to get results!

- Times vary so submit your info and we'll give you a call!

Sounds like fun!
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Infrared Heat Therapy  +  Focused Movements  +  Fun Classes  =  Results!

Infrared Heat benefits

Infrared Heat Therapy

According to a Harvard study, some benefits of infrared heat therapy include:


  • Increased metabolism 

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Detox on a cellular level

  • Decreases Inflammation 

  • Increases flexibility and mobility

  • Increases the body’s natural production of collagen (hair, skin, nails)

Focused Movements

Focused Movements

Up an inch. Down an inch. That’s where the magic happens! Those tiny movements work deep into the muscle fibers and that creates the strength and the change you want to see! 

And because this is not traditional barre..this is Haute Barre…we like to mix in some heavier weights, high intensity cardio bursts (Haute Minutes IYKYK), and lots of variations in tempo to keep it interesting!! 

Fun Classes

Fun Classes

We offer 5 class formates: Signature Haute Barre, Barre Bootcamp, Haute Yoga Sculpt, Haute Pilates Sculpt, and Barre-X. It's like 5 studios in one! All classes are set to upbeat, heart pumping music and the heat is set around 85° with the exception of Haute Yoga Sculpt being 90-95°. See which one is your favorite!


This is barre but make it fun, fast paced, and HAUTE!

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